One of the best ways to listen to audio while watching television.

One of the best ways to watch tv without disturbing the rest of the household is to wear eadphones. But not any type of ordinary headphones, but headphones that are cordless. Does the flex belt really work

Cordless headphones are great in that they allow you to move freely in your living room or whatever room you wish to be in.

Wireless headphones come in a variety of different forms including bluetooth wireless headphones, infrared wireless headphones and of course the most popular RF wireless headphones.

RF type of headphones are the best because they allow you the greatest movement and largest distances away from the transmitter.

This will allow you to go out side your house and still be able to listen to music or television up to 300 meters away.

As you can see this is a versatile model to use because it can use anywhere in the house.

Make sure though that you are aware of the other types of frequencies in your household, because some of these can interfer with your wireless headphone.

Having said that, most of the RF headphones come with multiple preset frequencies allowing you to switch over to a frequency that is not usually used in a household.

This then stops the interference in it’s track.

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