Golf course Rangefinders


nikon_callaway_xhotOn the greens the length between the ball along with the flag is of uttermost significance.

You should have better shots of potting the ball in the hole, if you are well aware of the complete locations of objects on the course.

Rangefinders hence play an important role in golfing. Selecting the best golf-GPS that is certainly quick and efficient in measurement is essential.

The Callaway’s 8396 X-Hot rangefinder provides very accurate distance measurement.It provides a modern design and rubberized no-slip grip.

And you can use it even during extreme weather conditions due to its 100% waterproof and fog proof body.

You don’t need to worry concerning the unit’s safety – it comes with a gentle neoprene case, which can cover the device even while operating. Let’s have a look at a few of its features.

But before we do that, do you want to know what the best golf rangefinder for the money is?

Rangefinder main attributes:

1. Accurate measurement and Portability: For a distance of upto 500 meters (550 yards), being used very accurate in measuring distances. It really is lightweight and can easily be carried across the the game.

2. 100% Waterproof and Fog Proof: You are able to optimize your play in any extreme the weather with the help of 8396. It is full of nitrogen gas and sealed with O-rings, leading to a complete waterproof and fogproof body. The rubberized body will not slip even if wet.

3. Healthy life of the battery: The 8396 is packed with a 3-volt CR2 lithium ion battery. It is powerful and won’t bother you for around 10,000 ranging sessions.

4. Get yourself a clear overview on the LCD display - Even on those dull days, with 8396′s 6x magnification capabilities along with a focusing eyepiece, you can get a good picture in the ranging that is certainly currently happening.

Should you be walking with your tour bags, a Carabiner is present to help you. And the Callaway 8396 X-Hot Gps For GolfOrRangefinder has even taken care of individuals who wear glasses, by providing a folding rubber eyecup.

5. Nikon’s first target priority mode: By designing the rangefinder in collaboration with Nikon, this Callaway product tracks different targets in progression for upto 8 seconds around the simple press of your mouse.

These multiple objects may be for any field of view/ranges and is of size as small as a pin. The reticle will let you know concerning the ranging which is currently in progress.

The device also may include a selectable backlighting for low-lighting conditions.

One of the most standout feature of being used its accuracy in measuring distances – Its superlative efficiency is comparable to the top-notch expensive rangefinders. The Callaway 8396 X-Hot Golf GPSAndRange finder will provide you with distance to the object – readings of sand traps, trees, lakes, etc about the golf course.

Like handheld rangefinders you can also get golf gps watches that act like a rangefinder. Find the best golf reviews at


Accurate distance measurement in golf allows you optimize your speed and agility. If you will discover the distances easily, quickly and accurately, then you can improve your game tremendously. This is why the Callaway 8396 X-Hot Gps For Golf/Range finder is worth it (costs starting 595$ at Amazon). Besides accurate measurement, it is equipped with special features just like the Nikon’s first target priority mode along with a heavy-duty battery with life of 10k ranging sessions. You can tell of developing a great investment by collecting the 8396.

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